Our Impact

Since DiaspoCare was founded in 2020, we have taken up the challenge to deliver a solution that seamlessly connects Africans living away from home with their loved one’s healthcare providers.

Now, supporters can easily pay for their loved one’s medical care from anywhere in the world, and their beneficiaries can easily access quality healthcare from clinics, hospitals and pharmacies near them.

By the numbers


DiaspoCause Cares

We know you care about the health of your loved ones, we care too.

But what about the people in our community that lack access to someone in the Diaspora that can help them pay for their medical care?

DiaspoCause is a non-profit initiative created by DiapoCare to help address this problem.

We leverage the state-of-the-art payment system created for DiapoCare to connect healthcare providers in Africa with charitable organizations, foundations and concerned individuals anywhere in the world.

Our payment system ensures that these charitable funds are traceable, transparent and used only for their intended purpose.

And because our platform minimizes transaction fees, the impact of funds managed by DiaspoCause is maximized in the communities we serve.