DiaspoCare makes it easier than ever to access and pay for quality medications for your loved ones back home.

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How it works

How it works

DiaspoCare and our network of accredited pharmacies ensure your money is spent strictly on intended healthcare needs.

Register as a sponsor and enroll your loved ones

Once you register as a sponsor, you can easily enroll your loved ones as a beneficiary and pay for their medications. You can also enroll caretakers to oversee your loved one's treatments.

Find a pharmacy

Our platform makes it easy for you to search our network of accredited pharmacies. Your family can simply walk in and get medication from any pharmacy as long as it's in our network and the medication is in stock.

Pay directly for your medications

When your family member or loved ones show up at the pharmacy to pick up their medication, the pharmacy will directly withdraw the cost of the medication from your account. Of course, you will receive a notification when the transaction is complete.

Take care of all your loved ones with affordable payment rates

Once you register as a sponsor, you can easily enroll multiple loved ones as beneficiaries and only pay 4.9% plus $0.99 per transaction. You can also enroll caretakers who will oversee your loved one’s treatments.


Our Mission

DiaspoCare’s mission is to bring the capacity to individuals who are away to take care of their loved ones’ needs for medicine and healthcare from anywhere in the world.

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Our Team


DiaspoCare’s team is a group of experienced and passionate professionals in the field of healthcare, business, and technology. We are based in USA, Nigeria, India, and Ghana.

Serge-Alain Wandji, PhD

Co-Founder, President & CEO


Jote Taddese, MSE

Co-Founder, CIO & COO


Sean O’Neal

CTO - Enterprise Architecture, Technology Innovation


Dr. Edwin Bogonko MD, MBA

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

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