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Improve Your Community's Access to High Quality Medication

The DiaspoCare Healthcare Financing app helps sponsors in the Diaspora make sure that their loved ones living back home get the high quality medications that you provide. By enabling payments for medications directly to your bank account, it gives the sponsor the peace of mind that their funds are being spent as intended. It’s an easy to use, mobile application that enables you to submit a payment request on behalf of the beneficiary in your community directly to their sponsor living abroad. With additional security options, like One Time Pin (OTP) use, the DiaspoCare Healthcare Financing app is a safe, secure way for you to help your community and expand your customer base.

How it Works


1. Start new request

Customer presents a prescription to be filled. Pharmacist locates customer in DiaspoCare.

2. Submit request

Pharmacist enters prescription details and submits request to beneficiary’s sponsor.

3. Sponsor approves request

Once sponsor approves request, a one time pin (OTP) is sent to beneficiary. Pharmacist enters OTP into system.

4. Get paid

Upon validation of the OTP, customer receives medication and pharmacist gets paid!

Global Connections Made Easy

Begin receiving payments from new customers simply by downloading the DiaspoCare Healthcare Financing Mobile App – no need to change anything else in your business

Watch this two-minute video to learn more about aboit how the DiaspoCare app is helping loved ones across the world get the medication they need

DiaspoCare Health Platform

DiaspoCare’s mobile app is one entry point into our network of healthcare financing services, connecting the diaspora directly to your pharmacy.

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Refer a Sponsor Today

An invitation will be sent to the potential supporter to join DiaspoCare and add a beneficiary.