Finding and Paying for Healthcare is Difficult. We are Here to Help.

At DiaspoCare, we know how hard it can be to find authentic medications at an affordable price.  Just like you, our families back home struggled to pay for their medical bills and sometimes had to skip taking their medications because they couldn’t afford them.  When we tried to send home money to help, the excessive transfer fees whittled away the funds needed to take care of chronic medical conditions and health emergencies.  We faced the same challenges that you do, which is why we created DiaspoCare. You’re not alone.  There are millions of people just like you, all around the world.  If your loved ones living abroad help you pay for healthcare, you are what we call a BENEFICIARY.

How it Works

1. As a beneficiary, you can visit any pharmacy near you within our DiaspoCare network.

2.  Pharmacist locates you in the DiaspoCare beneficiary list to begin a payment request.

3. The pharmacist enters your prescription details and submits the request to your sponsor for approval.

4. Once your sponsor approves the request, you receive a one time pin (OTP) via SMS.

5. The pharmacist enters your OTP to confirm your identity. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive your medication!

Find a Pharmacy


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An invitation will be sent to the potential supporter to join DiaspoCare and add a beneficiary.

Beneficiaries Testimonials

Thanks to DiaspoCare I have been able to find the closest Pharmacy that gives me quality healthcare

Agnes Anyango

DiaspoCare Beneficiary

DiapoCare has made it simple for me to keep track of my medication refills and even sends me reminders.

Victor Barasa

DiaspoCare Beneficiary

I am happy that I now have faster access to medication through DiapoCare.

Andrew Bakari

DiaspoCare Beneficiary