About Us


Our Story

DiaspoCare is the brainchild of a group of Africans living in the US who are concerned about their powerlessness over the persistent diversion of the funds they sent back home for health care of loved ones and about the associated dire consequences, particularly for chronic disease sufferers. Their acknowledgement of the wider implications of this challenge in terms of the impact on health outcomes on the continent and their recognition as a moral imperative the need to help Africa solve its problems were important impetuses for the creation of DiaspoCare.

DiaspoCare’s niche extends beyond ensuring that diaspora health care remittances are used as intended, to creating technological solutions that strengthen the capacity of fundamental actors in the health care service value chain, particularly pharmacies and clinics. The underlying principle in this is the commitment to develop the most cost-effective and malleable technological solutions possible.

For DiaspoCare, efforts to smooth out the kinks in health services cannot be considered comprehensive without tackling the issues of medication quality, affordability and availability. This is particularly pertinent in Africa, where counterfeit medicines permeate the supply chain and patients incur huge costs in importing rare medication. Working with only government-vetted pharmacies and partners involved in combating medication counterfeiting satisfies DiaspoCare’s objective of ensuring the authenticity of the medication in its network pharmacies, while its Med-Finder tool enables in-country location of hard-to-find medication and price comparison.

Partnerships are a crucial pillar in DiaspoCare’s strategy. These are driven essentially by the nature of DiaspoCare’s work, the environment of its operations, its health care cost-reduction goals in efforts to contribute to universal health coverage, and its commitment to ensuring that its clients receive holistic and innovative medical care. For example, through teaming up with the insurance industry, DiaspoCare serves to expose its members and others to opportunities to acquire health insurance for difficult-to-insure clients such as the elderly. Its relationship with its network pharmacies and clinics goes beyond a business affiliation to include constant sharing of learning from the use of its technology for enhanced customer experience, generating gains for the health service providers and DiaspoCare clients.

Our Mission

To increase access to quality affordable medication and health care services through technology and advocacy.

Our Vision

By 2030, at least 20 million Africans currently excluded from the health care system will have access to affordable quality medicines and health services through DiaspoCare.

Meet the Team

Serge-Alain Wandji, PhD
President, CEO & Co-Founder
Jote Tadesse, MSE
CDO, COO & Co-Founder
Sean Oneil
Dr. Edwin Bogonko, MD MBA
Chief Medical Officer
Mike Essien, J.D
Chief Legal Counsel & Co-Founder
Brittany Drury
VP Product Experience
Kellen Kebaara
Country Director , Kenya
Peter Kamunyu
Business Development Lead, Kenya
Kwaku Boateng
Business Development Lead,Ghana
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